You can order my CD´s via an email.
“From Near and Afar” is available to download on Amazon.

Below you can hear a few samples of the music recorded by me on the CDs mentioned above.

To play these music clips you need a windows media player or a comparable programme

And the Sky Turned Blue
» Lesesequenz – Meer / Kinder / Liebe

“Tania Pentcheva Plays Roberto Fabbri”
» Canzone

From Near and Afar
» Andante by Federico Moreno-Torroba

» Studio 8 by Mario Gangi

» Intonazione by Carlo Domeniconi

» Guajira a mi madre by Nico Rojas

» Welscher Tanz by Hans Neusiedler

» Vivo from “Four Ballad Stories” by Milan Tesar

Zeitlose Texte und Musik
» Viola and Tanja “Desire”

Upcoming performances
  • Sunday, 1.03.2020 and 22.03.2020 – 17:00 h „And the Sky Became Blue“ – an afternoon of music and literature
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