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Article in Ahlen’s Newsletter “Die Glocke” from 3.3.2020
From Sky Blue to Green

With their musical afternoon with the theme “And the Sky Turned Blue”, the two artists warmed the hearts of the numerous visitors. The duo has now recorded a CD of their many years of good cooperation, extracts of which were presented as part of the programm.

Tania Pentcheva opened the afternoon with sensitive guitar playing. With the music of Dale Kavanagh she found a brilliant introduction.

Hildegard Offele-Aden took the visitors on a trip to Fulda, to the Hennesee and the gardens of the Frauenberg Monastery. She observed the awakening nature with a high degree of sensitivity. The beautiful guitar sounds of Tania Pentcheva underlined the wonderful nature recordings on the screen. Impressions of lonely sandy beaches in harmony with the blue sky invited to dream. Hildegard Offele-Aden and Tania Pentcheva impressed and inspired with this musical reading.

In the Lesecafé of the public library there was no empty space on Sunday afternoon.


Article in Ahlen’s Newsletter “Die Glocke” from 2.10.2018
A journey through time into the early 19th century

It is always an event when the VHS (Adult Education Center) organizes something in cooperation with the Museum of Art. This was also the case in Ahlen, where on the evening of 30.09.2018 a lecture took place about and with the poetess Katharina Schücking from Ahlen.

Hildegard Offele-Aden (herself a writer) led the participants through poems, letters and excerpts from other texts to give an insight into the ups and downs, successes and strokes of fate in the life of the poetess.

Musically the lecture was accompanied by Tania Pentcheva, a brilliant guitarist who played excellent works from the Baroque, classical music by composers like Mauro Giuliani, Niccoló Paganini, as well as by contemporary artists like Simone Iannarelli and Dale Kavanagh. The well-rehearsed team Offele-Aden / Pentcheva successfully led the audience in another world.


Hala Magazine 2018
Integration Council of the city of Münster organizes an intercultural peace festival


Die Glocke 17.01.2017
It is a pleasure to serve In Ahlen

The New Year’s reception of Dr. Alexander Berger in Ahlen

During the New Year’s reception in the town hall, arranged jointly for the first time by the local City Council and the Reconnaissance Battalion, the mayor honoured eight dedicated citizens from Ahlen, for their involvement over decades to promote the cooperation and friendship with the „Westfalen – Kaserne“ (Westphalia Barracks). Dr. Berger pointed out the support the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces) had given in accommodating and helping refugees and thanked the soldiers for their humanitarian commitment. During the New Year’s reception, classical concert guitarist Tania Pentcheva entertained the guests musically.


Westfälischer Anzeiger 22.03.2016 Stories Potpourri
“Ladies Parlour” is dedicated to Springtime

For this year’s “Ladies Parlour” in the Counselling centre of the women’s refuge of the deacon services Ruhr-Hellweg last Friday, Springtime was the centre of attraction. With the slogan “Everything in Vibration” the women’s refuge invited to person, the chief of the women’s refuge Brigitte Dittrich and the women’s representative of the Protestant church Rev. Ute Böning to a literary evening with music.
The lounge was completely filled with an appreciative audience. Hildegard Offele-Aden, a writer from Ahlen and Tania Pentcheva, a concert guitarist from Münster presented a potpourri of poems and stories to their audience. These were accompanied by exquisite guitar music. The performance ranged from contemplative and relaxed, to romantic and cheerful right up to religious and reflective


Ahlener Zeitung (Westfälische Nachrichten) 04.11.2014:
Die Gitarre als ein eigenes Orchester

Tania Pentcheva plays Spanish and South American music.
Ahlen. Tania Pentcheva skillfully took her audience to the soundscape of Latin America. “I am always looking for something new, something that the people haven’t heard before”, says Tania. She retunes the strings to make the instrument more multifaceted. “This way, the guitar creates a variety of different sounds which the audience likes very much.”


Westfälische Nachrichten 28.07.2014:
„Crossover“ by Tania Pentcheva
Witty and Cozy

While listening to “Jumping” one will realize that the classic guitar can rock. The composer Roberto Fabbri brought the theme of Van Halen’s “Jump” to the six strings and Tania Pentcheva is rocking one’s socks off so that the blood starts to vibrate, but the eardrum is spared from loud rock music.

The song compilation is wide-ranging in terms of tonal colour and rhythm. There are Blues elements, Spanish rhythms as well as musing songs which ripple into your ear. At the same time the highbrow ear gets rewarded for focused listening in light of the musical craftsmanship. Witty and cosy elements take turns.


Westfälische Nachrichten 18.12.2012:
Melodies transport zest for life (Online-Artikel)

Ladbergen. On Sunday December 16th, the visitors of the St.Christopherus Church experienced a special highlight. The guitarist Tania Pentcheva paid a visit and filled the church with a great sound richness and zest for life.


Soft Christmas Sounds

Ladbergen.Anyone who wanted to escape from the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, was well advised to visit the St.Christopherus Church on the 3rd Sunday of Advent…

In the second part of the concert, the musician convinced her audience as brilliant interpreter of contemporary guitar literature – up to “Sunflowers”, a piece that the famous composer Roberto Fabbri has dedicated to Tania Pentcheva.


Westfälische Nachrichten 21.07.2011:
Tender Sound

This is a CD for quiet evenings. Far beyond the ordinary noisiness of music, the guitar arranges soundscapes you need to listen to carefully.

On her new CD Tania Pentcheva unites modern compositions. However they appear greatly melodious and exciting at the same time. The 22 studies of Mario Gangi’s (1923 – 2010) whereof Tania Pentcheva presents five studies, provide a real opulence of ways of expression.

Roberto Fabbri (born in 1964) adds two compositions. One is dedicated personally to the guitar player from Muenster.

It is a CD which offers a unique and very keen sound experience.


Westfälische Nachrichten 23.11.2009:
Italian Flair in the Front of the Fireplace

Tania Pentcheva started the concert „Chitarra Italiana“ with quiet, delicate compositions by Mario Gangi. The audience was enchanted almost immediately by this delightful Italian guitar music. Following this came oriental – sounding music by Carlo Domeniconi and passionate works composed by Roberto Fabbri and Nicollo’ Paganini. Many in the audience were fascinated by the ease with which the enthusiastic guitarist plucked the strings at breathtaking speed, producing thereby the most beautiful sound effects. Not only the artist was “first class” on this evening, but also the programme, which consisted mainly of works that were unknown, but worth hearing. The audience applauded generously for a splendid concert.


Münstersche Zeitung 08.11.2008:
Nimble Fingers

During the concert one could have heard a needle fall to the floor, for the audience listened trance-like to the soft rhythmic melodies and followed Pentcheva’s nimble fingers with fascination.


Westfälische Nachrichten 11.03.2008:
Nimble Fingers and a Well Selected Repertoire

The Guitarist Tania Pentcheva as Guest in the Mecklenbeck Gallery Flos C.

Tania Pentcheva gave a brilliant performance of contemporary works seldom heard, including a premiere.

The audience enjoyed a selection of exquisite music which she played effortlessly and at breathtaking speed. The guitarist won the hearts of the public thanks to her masterly performance and choice of music of good taste.

The programme included works by: M. Gangi, R.Dyens, R.Fabbri, L.Brouwer.


Münstersche Zeitung 30.08.2007:
Like a Revelation

Musical reading: merriment in the atmospheric surroundings of the old railway station.

Anja Rohlf, completely in white, sat on a table in front of heavily symbolic pictures which readily evoked associations familiar to everybody in the audience. She virtually blended with the pictures in view, becoming part of the work of art she created herself. She told stories, wise sayings and aphorisms in a very articulate voice.

Anja was accompanied by the Bulgarian guitarist Tania Pentcheva, who played fully in accord with the atmosphere of both word and picture. The chosen works by Villa-Lobos, Joaquin Turina, and Paco Pena created a South American flair and so opened the way to a picturesque world of sound. Tania’s style of playing enabled her to symbiotically continue from where Anja left off.


Münstersche Zeitung 26.10.2006:
Legal Escape by Prisoners

Cultural programme on library day in the prison: reading, music and get together

The prisoners enjoyed a welcome change from everyday life through reading done by Christoph Baumanns, an author from Kassel, and music provided by the Bulgarian guitarist Tania Pentcheva and Korean percussionist Jie-Goo Lee.